Plant & Works Engineering
Phone as a convenient access card
Published:  28 April, 2022

System integrator Visma Megaflex has just introduced a powerful new convenience in its systems: the option to use mobile phones to enter.

Mobile phone access doesn’t just simplify building entry. It also greatly streamlines system management and enhances information security. “Our customers save time and resources, since they don’t have to handle and deliver physical tags on site”, explains Visma’s sales director, Kari Kuittinen.

Visma Megaflex deploys IDESCO’S 8 CD 2.0 MI readers in its system. These also read traditional MIFARE DESFire tags and cards, in addition to mobile IDs. Idesco designed its mobile IDs to integrate seamlessly into systems where physical tags are also managed. Administering these mobile IDs inside Megaflex’ system is the job of Idesco ID service. Idesco ID lets Megaflex customers manage their mobile IDs from within the Megaflex system. 

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