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Electric utility vehicles are just the job
Published:  14 April, 2022

Issues such as limited range are still causing somewhat of a roadblock for the electric vehicle industry. However according to Ramsy Labassi, marketing manager at BRADSHAW ELECTRIC VEHICLES, whilst charging, or range-induced anxiety is understandable when considering the switch to electric, such concerns often don’t consider one vital factor – what the vehicle is being used for.

As a leading supplier of the Goupil electric utility vehicle range – which cater for last mile distribution and waste management – Ramsy commented: “It’s often the first question that any potential customer will ask. What about the range? Of course, while this is a reasonable enquiry as all varieties electric vehicles do have a limited range when compared to a petrol or diesel powered vehicle, the mass anxiety surrounding the issue of electric vehicles running out of battery is relatively misguided.” 

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