Plant & Works Engineering
All-position rutile electrode
Published:  07 December, 2021

ESAB says its OK GoldRox all-position rutile electrode offers easier arc striking and re-strikes, has a stable arc that leaves almost no spatter and yields a flat bead profile with fine ripples and good appearance. The slag removes easily with minimal effort for faster clean-up.

OK GoldRox works with AC or DC current and creates a softer arc that works well for light- to medium-penetration welding. It produces particularly satisfying results for overhead welding of fillet welds, as well as lap joints and sealing runs. Good arc stability coupled with decent puddle flow also helps in situations with poor fit-up. Typical applications include sheet metal, general fabrication on mild and medium steels, auto and truck bodies, root pass pipe applications, farm and construction equipment, repair and maintenance.

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