Plant & Works Engineering
Making the shift towards predictive maintenance
Published:  03 November, 2021

Increased governmental and societal focus on emissions mean that industry is under ever greater pressure to increase the agility and reliability of emissions monitoring in real-time. ABB says its Datalyzer is designed to help customers respond to this challenge. The company says the comprehensive, cloud-based modular application provides real-time status across a fleet of analysers and plants and in doing so, it lowers ownership cost and reduces capital expenditure.

Datalyzer collects data from emissions monitoring analysers which is then routed to an on-site Edge device (Micro PC). The Edge device sends the relevant information up to Datalyzer which sits in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The application analyses the data received transforming it into a concrete information for decision-making. The end user receives the information from Datalyzer across three different dashboard views.

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