Plant & Works Engineering
Planning of electrical systems
Published:  23 September, 2021

When projects are being designed, whether they are airports, warehouses, or distribution centres, the planning and, more importantly, the acceptability of the electrical systems can be a major challenge for project planners and designers. If the components utilised have the necessary approvals, the effort involved can be considerably reduced. This is exactly what Wieland Electric's podis 5G6 energy bus system gives, having recently gained UL system approval, adding to its’s existing TUV compliance. This means that exporting companies in particular, benefit from less testing and save time when it comes to getting their electrical systems approved.

Wieland Electric says it now has a fully and coherently documented installation system, thanks to the UL 2875 certification of the podis 5G6 power bus systems, make it considerably easier to approve electrical installations on site, both in Europe and North America.

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