Plant & Works Engineering
Supercritical steam boiler
Published:  21 September, 2021

Uniper Maasvlakte Power Plant is located at Rotterdam- Maasvlakte, Netherlands, and was commissioned in 2015 by UNIPER and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power GmbH. Uniper assets play an important role in ensuring that the region has a reliable supply of energy. Uniper supplies a range of innovative energy products to its partners and customers throughout the Zuid-Holland region.

The boiler has five rows of six burners on two sides. These burners are fed with coal, bio-propane, wood, and MBM (Meat and Bone Meal) - animal residue foam injected into the boiler. MBM is very erosive, so the flow is deviated by a deflector plate in the burner, however, the spray still impacts on the opposite wall generating localized erosion and corrosion due to a small deposits on the wall facing the MBM burners.

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