Plant & Works Engineering
Driving efficiency with paperless working
Published:  05 July, 2021

Fleet Dynamic, a commercial vehicle rental and leasing company, says it is using the latest mobile technology to transform its fleet management. Providing complete automation across the entire hire and leasing lifecycle, the cloud-based, 5-in-1 solution from BIGCHANGE has helped Fleet Dynamic switch to paperless working. The system has also contributed to a 30% improvement in workshop efficiency as well as a reduction in lost charges and operating costs.

“Before BigChange, all parts of the process, from hire request through to delivery ticket, were paper-based. We couldn’t attach additional information such as photographs, essential information including vehicle or customer details were often not captured and retrieving data to resolve queries was difficult,” commented Terry Stockwell, sales and marketing director. “Now, with BigChange, every time a customer account is touched, a digital record of the interaction is made,”

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