Plant & Works Engineering
High-performance polymer material
Published:  03 June, 2021

CDI ENERGY PRODUCTS, a leader in high-performance polymer components, has announced its latest material to achieve API 610 recognition outperformed service life expectations under extremely corrosive sulfuric acid conditions. API 610 is the standard for centrifugal pumps for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

CDI’s proprietary thermoplastic polymer composite, dures 200, was the foundation for critical components developed for an API 610 Vertical Single Casing Diffuser Pump (VS1) for a high-production sulfuric acid plant. CDI’s material scientists and engineers collaborated with the pump OEM to custom design suction bell eye case rings, bowl eye case rings, and bowl bushings which could sustain differential pressures of over 200psi, coupled with an extreme temperature profile of -20⁰F to 105⁰F (-28.8⁰C to 40.55⁰C).

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