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Quick Flex elastomeric couplings
Published:  27 April, 2021

Quick Flex elastomeric couplings from Lovejoy Europe / R+L Hydraulics are durable couplings for harsh environments. They need minimal maintenance, are easy to install and require no lubrication.

The series is offered in multiple cover and insert configurations. The couplings are said to be ideal for motor to gearbox, gearbox to driven equipment, and motors to pumps, as well as for any drive shaft to driven shaft application. Typical industries include steel mills, food processing, pulp and paper, mining, as well as oil and gas. The couplings are inherently balanced for high-speed applications. Their design dampens torsional vibration and shock to help extend life of the coupling and surrounding components. Because the metal hubs don’t wear, the elastomeric insert is the only spare part needed. The inserts help reduce downtime and replacement costs.

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