Plant & Works Engineering
Cost-effective monitoring
Published:  16 February, 2021

SENSONICS says it has been working with industry for nearly 40 years, developing effective and affordable monitoring and protection devices including those for smaller items of plant where the need for low-cost sensors which offer direct connection via 4-20mA current loop, is more important than ever. However, matching this type of product to the application is not always straightforward.

Sensonics has recognised the need for a sensor which can meet the demands of protecting smaller machinery such as fans and pumps which can be utilised on a wide range of plant with reduced sensitivity to auxiliary systems. The VEL/GDC is an electro dynamic sensor providing a 4-20mA current sink output proportional to velocity vibration and offers the advantage of offering double isolation in conjunction with a low impedance circuit making it suitable for high noise environments.

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