Plant & Works Engineering
Performance and portability
Published:  12 February, 2021

ESAB says its Rogue ET 180i and 200iP PRO inverters deliver professional arc performance and full-featured digital controls for TIG and MMA welding. The 200iP PRO has a pulsing feature with frequency adjustable from 0.2 Hz to 500 Hz to control heat input on thin metals, delicate parts and stainless steel. Pulsing also narrows the weld bead profile and increases travel speed.

The units weigh less than 10 kg and deliver a maximum TIG output of 180A (180i) and 200A (200iP PRO) at 25% duty cycle. The Rogue 180i connects to 230VAC while the 200iP PRO uses 90 – 270VAC.

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