Plant & Works Engineering
Monitoring and alerting service
Published:  25 September, 2020

RENOVOTEC, a fast growing UK rugged hardware, software and services provider for supply chain companies is launching ‘Renovotec Network Alert’, a proactive, 24/7 network monitoring and alerting service that tracks the health and performance of the entire network infrastructure remotely and in real-time, enabling organisations to take corrective action anywhere, anytime to avoid network downtime through to complete failure.

The subscription service, which also includes a skilled support team of Renovotec experts is currently available on a 90 day zero-risk trial.

Renovotec Network Alert’s software and service monitors anything attached to a network that should operate continuously including access points and switches, routers, bridges, servers and even corporate websites. It monitors network performance and connectivity 24/7 and informs the user of any failure via email alerts, eliminating the need for manual checking.


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