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Make UK's comment on the start of the Government's new Kick Start Scheme,
Published:  02 September, 2020

Commenting on the start of the Government's new Kick Start Scheme, Verity Davidge, director of central policy and skills at Make UK said;

“The new Kick Start scheme launched recently by Government is a welcome and worthy initiative targeted at those who will be left most vulnerable as the pandemic continues to keep a firm grip on economic growth and job prospects.

However, with manufacturers focusing on keeping their businesses afloat and trying to mitigate future job losses, we may see a slow sign up to this new employment initiative. Manufacturers are also pulling back on their existing education and training programme with work experience, internships and site visits in particular taking a hit, owing to social distancing measures, as well as financial, people and time pressures. Offering a 6 month placement under the Kick Start scheme will be seen as a big ask, and possibly an ask too far for many firms.

Government must work with industry to address these challenges and lead a campaign on the benefits on continuing these invaluable schemes. There is a risk that if companies continue to cut these opportunities for the next generation our sector will face an almighty skills crisis in the next few years.”