Plant & Works Engineering
Contour-based navigation
Published:  14 August, 2020

SICK says with the release of its SICK LiDAR-LOC solution for mobile platforms, users can implement contour-based localisation on any automated guided vehicle, cart, forklift or service robot fitted with SICK 2D LiDAR sensors or safety scanners.

The company says the SICK LiDAR-LOC (Localisation On Contour) system enables free navigation of automated transport, stacking and loading systems based on the pre-mapped contours of shop floors and warehouses without the need for reflectors or other physical markers.

Thanks to the SICK LiDAR-LOC, production teams can avoid changes to fixed infrastructure if they want to adapt the paths of AGVS, automated forklifts or shuttle systems. Systems using one or more SICK LiDAR sensors can be set up with minimal programming time, combining proven software with reliable and accurate scanning technology.

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