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Visionary technologies at a glance
Published:  14 May, 2020

New to the market, UVEX says its megasonic goggle features a revolutionary frameless lens design delivering edge-to-edge, crystal clear, optical class 1 clarity and consistency in every direction. The panoramic lens is approximately 20% larger than similar goggles giving wearers as close to natural vision as possible, eliminating the need to take safety eyewear on and off when walking on difficult surfaces or when moving between workstations — a major advantage when it comes to risk reduction.

The company says the sporty, ergonomic design and ultra-comfortable fit means these goggles both protect and allow you to get on with your day, without distraction. Ultra-light, the flexible x-frame and super soft ergonomic face seal adapt to any wearer creating an effective, low pressure seal and maximum wearer comfort.

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