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Industry 4.0 ready valve island
Published:  20 March, 2020

CAMOZZI AUTOMATION says being fully equipped for smart manufacturing whilst also delivering outstanding price efficiency, were key factors in the development of its new Series D Valve Island, which is Industry 4.0 ready thanks to Camozzi’s futuristic CoilVision innovation.

The most flexible and versatile valve island in Camozzi’s extensive portfolio, the company says Series D’s CoilVision technology employs sophisticated diagnostics to monitor and predict the impact of wear on the efficiency of solenoid valve parts, alerting users to potential breakage and in so doing, avoiding disruption and machine downtime. 

CoilVision technology uses integrated electronics to constantly monitor the operating parameters of the solenoid driving the spool. This data, including power consumption and coil temperature, is automatically analysed and processed by software algorithms to determine the health status of the coils.

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