Plant & Works Engineering
Temperature controller for several applications
Published:  03 March, 2020

Temperature and relative humidity play a decisive role when it comes to air quality. The 2-point controller PCE-RE22 from PCE INSTRUMENTS is a compact PID controller for use in various areas. The controller PCE-RE22 is available in two versions: the PCE-RE22T and the PCE-RE22P. The PCE-RE22T version offers the possibility to connect Pt100 or Pt1000 probes or thermocouples of the types J, T, K, S, R, B, E, N, and L.

The second version PCE-RE22P offers an input for the process signals 0/4-20 mA and 0-5/10 V for controlling several other parameters apart from the temperature. Different operating modes can be selected to achieve optimum control of the operating parameter. The PCE-RE22 controller offers a wide range of options, from simple on/off control through P, PD and PI control to PID control. By activating a soft start function, target and actual values can be adjusted slowly. The PCE-RE22 displays the current measured value via a 4-digit LED display. The 2-point temperature controller PCE-RE22 is particularly suitable for industrial applications due to the IP65 protection class of the front. The temperature controller PCE-RE22 can be operated via the 3 buttons at the front.

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