Plant & Works Engineering
Several simultaneous vibration measurements with the PCE-VM 5000
Published:  07 January, 2020

Shocks or vibrations occur wherever work is carried out with the help of machines. To a certain extent, these vibrations are acceptable but if they become too strong they can cause damage to machines and, in the worst case, even threaten people’s lives. For this reason, machines that are sensitive to shocks and vibrations should be monitored regularly.

For this purpose, PCE INSTRUMENTS offer the 4-channel vibration data logger PCE-VM 5000. The PCE-VM 5000 is particularly suitable for precise measurements. Thanks to the remote vibration sensors and the 4 channels, several measurements can run at the same time.

The measured data are stored automatically and can be viewed directly or later. Although the 4-channel vibration data logger is a complex and sensitive device, its durable design enables its use under tough industrial conditions and for many years. The large, backlit display allows accurate and quick readout of speed, acceleration and displacement within a frequency range of 10 Hz … 1 KHz. Customers can choose between different units of measurement. For acceleration, the units are m/s², g, and ft/s², for speed, you can select mm/s, cm/s or inches/s and for expansion, mm and inches are possible. The 4-channel vibration data logger PCE-VM 5000 can store the measured data on an SD card and you can either choose automatic or manual data storage. With the SD memory card, the data can be transferred to a PC for evaluation in an Excel spreadsheet. With the vibration measuring instrument, the vibration and shocks are recorded equally over a defined period of time at one location.

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