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Institution of Mechanical Engineers responds to Committee on Climate Change's letter to the Prime Minister
Published:  20 December, 2019

In response to the Committee on Climate Change’s letter to the Prime Minister to recommit to the net zero target, Dr Jenifer Baxter head of engineering at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers said:

“The Institution of Mechanical Engineers welcomes the open letter from the Chairs of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to the Prime Minister. We are pleased that the CCC is drawing attention back to climate change as the Queen’s Speech is being delivered. As engineers we believe that we need to not only actively tackle climate change, but also look beyond this to the wider challenges of pollution and environmental degradation.

Our Institution has over 120,000 members worldwide, many of whom are already delivering innovative new solutions that reduce emissions and use fewer resources. We strongly believe there are sectors today, such as fuels, waste and power generation, where we can decarbonise more rapidly.

We invite the Government to give us the both the regulatory and economic spaces to do so, to ask us questions, and to let us help. Engineering will be a big part of the solution.

We stand ready to do more. Our Institution has access to a depth and breadth of knowledge unlike any other. We strongly believe that engineers can not only solve the five key priority areas identified by the CCC, but with the right partnerships and collaborative environments, we can design and build resilience for the future.

We can already create low carbon systems that will transform the way we live. It is clear that a highly motivated and engaged engineering community will be key to delivering our net zero future.”