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Sebastian Coe to tell manufacturers how to make their vision reality at Make UK National Manufacturing Conference 2020
Published:  26 November, 2019

Former athlete Lord Coe was one of the UK’s greatest champions on the track but went on to deliver London 2012, which became the most successful Olympic Games of modern times.

His political skills and strategic know-how helped the middle distance runner turned politician oversee one of the most complex infrastructure and logistical projects in one of the world’s greatest cities.

At Make UK’s annual conference in London’s QEII Conference Centre on Tuesday 25th February, Lord Coe will show businesses how to translate that experience across any business platform, adapting the learnings he gained along the way to make a business plan a reality and so grow a business.

To do this successfully, he managed to build a resilient, flexible and dependable team from a wide range of backgrounds, critical to success and able to overcome many unexpected challenges.

Performing well under extreme pressure can be hard and delegates will hear how to deliver on their vision even under the most unnerving scrutiny, how to communicate pre-emptively making sure nothing is left to chance. Above all, the man who headed the successful London 2012 bid from the start, will underline the age-old proposition that no amount of theorising replaces the ‘genius of hard work.’

After making his name as one of the greatest athletes of his generation setting twelve world records, achieving four golds and three silver medals in the Olympics and European Championships he served as an MP, a Government Whip and Private Secretary to William Hague. As incoming IAAF President, Lord Coe faces new challenges and controversies.

Key themes during the rest of the conference day also include “Exports: Peer to Peer Trading”, “Small Steps for Big Results” where leading experts will detail how the best performing manufacturers are increasingly using the latest digital technology to deliver efficiencies to the heart of their companies, while “Tackling the Talent Pipeline” will examine the skills shortage and explore innovative ways of approaching the challenge head on.

Stephen Phipson, Chief Executive of Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation, says: “

“Our conference comes at a critical time for industry, with the ongoing uncertainty.

“This conference provides an important collaborative platform for industry and Government to work together – and it is that collaboration on what the post-Brexit environment will look like which is essential for the future success of manufacturing and industry as a whole to ensure we protect the 2.7 million jobs our sector provides across the UK.

“Going forward, it is essential that we look to protect our trade with the EU, our latest trading partner, while looking to grasp new opportunities so we achieve post-EU economic and global trading success.”

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