Plant & Works Engineering
The class-1 sound level meter PCE-430
Published:  25 September, 2019

With the latest sound level meter PCE-430 from PCE INSTRUMENTS, sound level values can be measured and saved.

The company says the compact meter measures on site in what range possible exceedances of allowed noise levels are and saves these values to the internal memory. This makes the sound level meter particularly useful for long-term studies.

A large number of people has to deal with inacceptable noise levels in their private or business environments. Noise is perceived differently and cannot be clearly defined. Noise is generally referred to as dangerous and molesting sound. As noise is a subjective concept, a sound level meter is needed to display the measured sound pressure in decibels. With this unit, it is possible to assess aircraft noise, machine noise, environmental noise and noise at the workplace and it serves as a basis for lots of guidelines and directives. For instance, the noise level at workplace must not exceed 40 dB. When or preferably before limit values are exceeded, action is required. Click here for the full release

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