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UK’s water bills to rise as a result of climate change – Institution of Mechanical Engineers report
Published:  30 July, 2019

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers has looked at the impact of heatwaves and flooding on the UK’s water industry.

The report “Water: Drought and Flood” sees the following impact of climate change for the UK water industry:

• Higher water bills for consumers as the costs rise for treating and managing water supplies.

• As summers become longer and hotter, water treatment plants will be required to run at peak flow rates for longer, raising maintenance and running costs as well as energy consumption.

• The increased water flow will also require more chemicals to clean the water faster at the plants.

• Water companies will need to increase the pace of pipework replacement significantly to reduce leakage, which will be expensive but is now becoming essential.

• To combat flooding, particularly after long periods of dry, hot weather, greater investment will be required in drainage systems in urban areas including more sustainable options such parkland, ponds and ditches.