Plant & Works Engineering
Plugging the low-risk safety gap
Published:  28 June, 2019

SICK has announced it has launched the first 2D LiDAR sensors safety-certified to PL b, specifically designed to plug a gap for lower-risk applications where safety-rated integration is needed in small, low-speed automated guided vehicles and carts, service robots or collaborative robots.

The company says the SICK TiM361S and TiM781S 2D LiDAR sensors are economical, lightweight and compact with a safety certification to EN ISO 13849-1:2015 PL b and can be integrated inconspicuously into low-speed, small or lightweight mobile or stationary applications, following completion of an appropriate risk assessment. They can also be used where secondary safety detection is required to complement higher-rated systems already in place.

Using SICK’s patented Safe HDDM+ time-of-flight infra-red scanning technology, with a 270° scanned field of view, the sensors offer exceptional object detection and measurement accuracy.

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