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3-phase fantasy
Published:  25 June, 2019

“Working on 3-phase systems is more dangerous than working on single-phase domestic circuits simply because of the high energy loads they are designed to deliver,” said Brendan Beaver, manager of METREL UK, provider of innovative test solutions. “Making and breaking connections can be a risky business particularly when you are working live.”

“How much better would it be if you could make the connections once and switch the connections remotely? Even better, simpler and safer for the operator if the tester automated the testing process and drove the connection switching.”

“Metrel has introduced a 3-phase active switch adapter A1507 to make this fantasy a reality when used with either of the Metrel touch screen multi-function testers, MI3152 and MI3155. The testing automation comes from the Autosequence function of both testers.”

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