Plant & Works Engineering
A partnership worth promoting
Published:  12 June, 2019

EMPTEEZY says with a focus on quality customer experience from start to finish, it recognised the need for a delivery partner of esteemed reputation which it found in Dyce Carriers.

Working together since 2017, the spill containment specialists approached the National Road Transport business that operates a fleet of 100 modern haulage trucks. With a variety of large steel units being manufactured at the Empteezy factory in Livingston, access to the Dyce Carrier range of HIAB vehicles and trailers ensures however big a unit may be, it is guaranteed the very best and safest of journeys.

This is particularly prevalent in the bespoke compounds and bunded storage units manufactured by Empteezy. The latest project saw a three-part compound being delivered to the North of England with the ability to hold 192 drums or 16 IBCs.


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