Plant & Works Engineering
Getting tough at the centre
Published:  06 June, 2019

“Working in London got tougher this month with the introduction of the ULEZ (Ultra low emissions zone) charge to add to the daily congestion charge” said Londoner, Brendan Beaver, manager of METREL UK, an innovative provider of electrical testing solutions. “Relatively new diesel engines are public enemy number one in London, and it is going to be the same in many city centres in the next year or so if councils get their way.”

“One topic ULEZ has brought to the fore is the shortage of vehicle charging points around the city. It is all well and good introducing a toll to limit access to central London for older internal combustion engines but when the chance of getting an electric vehicle stuck in town due to the shortage of recharging facilities, what is the alternative?” Click here for the full release.

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