Plant & Works Engineering
Medium wave infra-red heating system
Published:  17 May, 2019

A fast response, medium wave infra-red heating system is being used to assist in composite materials thermoforming research at the National Composites Centre. The system is acting to ensure controlled and precise pre-heating of thermoplastic carbon fibre laminates before forming in a press, designed and built by press manufacturers, PJ Hare.

A fast response medium wave system from HERAEUS was installed by PJ Hare immediately before their forming press. Blank composite sheet material is now loaded onto a purpose-built carrier and is first shuttled between two 18kW modules. It can then be heated, under plc control, to the required temperature. Heating can be continuous or ramped. Once the heating cycle is completed and the sheet has been held at temperature, it is transferred to the press and moulded to shape.

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