Plant & Works Engineering
Protecting remote workers
Published:  13 July, 2018

With a variety of roles being carried out in the great outdoors involving fuels, lubricants, chemicals and agrochemicals, spill control and containment specialist EMPTEEZY says it has expanded its range of portable eyewash solutions designed to protect those working without day-to-day facilities.

If you are working miles from the nearest plumbed in water supply how do you provide emergency response to someone?

The Stainless Steel Portable Eyewash Tank is designed for situations where it is not possible to connect to water mains, giving workers instant access to decontaminate their eyes or other parts of the body however remote their work may be.

Fully compliant with the DIN EN 15154 standard, the simple to use tank provides 15ltr of pressurised water with a flow of 6ltr per minute.

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