Plant & Works Engineering
Automated guided cart
Published:  12 July, 2018

LINDE MATERIAL HANDLING, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of forklift trucks, has launched the Linde C-MATIC; a new automated guided cart (AGC) designed to improve production logistics.

The C-MATIC is designed to move parts to a production line and to transport goods through the warehouse. The vehicle can move loads weighing up to 650kg and can take them to their destination at a maximum speed of 3kpm on a fixed travel route. At the pick-up point, the cart drives underneath the waiting trolley and docks securely via an extendable pin hook.

The company says the C-MATIC moves autonomously using magnetic tape, which can be installed or replaced quickly and easily. The movement of the AGC is defined by radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags which are placed under the magnetic tape.


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