Plant & Works Engineering
New training and development committee
Published:  26 June, 2018

In November 2013, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and the Department for Education announced the first apprenticeship Trailblazer projects – putting employers ‘in the driving seat’ to pilot and test the development of new apprenticeships standards and the high-level assessment approaches.

BCAS is delighted therefore to launch its brand-new Training & Development Committee to develop a bespoke apprenticeship scheme specifically for the compressor and vacuum business sectors.

The committee is headed up by President, James Maziak and chaired by Mathew Gould from HPC Compressors with support from Roy Brooks, BCAS’ technical development officer.

2018 marks the ‘Year of Engineering’ in the UK, with the Government committed to tackling ‘the engineering skills gap and to widen the pool of young people who join the profession.’

BCAS is working with its members to ensure that  industry can attract this new talent and that the training provided is of the highest level. As a result, the new committee will be creating training programmes aimed at raising the standards and skill levels across the UK compressor and vacuum business sector.

For many businesses, training can be costly, both in terms of time and expense, so BCAS is aiming to provide much of its educational materials online; supplemented with practical on-the-job skills.

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