Plant & Works Engineering
Educating within the manufacturing and engineering sector
Published:  07 June, 2018

shutterstock_305418596_1.jpgWith a contribution to the Gross Domestic Product of £455.6 billion and an estimated 5.7 million jobs in the UK, it is undeniable that the engineering and manufacturing industry forms a solid career choice. It is one of the largest economic sectors in the UK, and students are picking up on this early.

Career choices start with education and interest, and with 96% of teachers recommending engineering jobs, it is unsurprising that the viewpoint of engineering and manufacturing among the younger generation is a positive one. Parents are pleased to hear it too, with a quarter holding careers in engineering in high regard.

Omega Plastics, who offer rapid prototyping services, have taken advantage of this growing positive view with the launch of their education programme in manufacturing and engineering. The company has explored the education options open to prospective future employees within the industry, to see what can be improved.

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