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Combustion management system
Published:  10 May, 2018

Lamtec.jpgLAMTEC says its CMS Combustion Management System is now available and based on an innovative modular architecture the CMS offers the most flexibility on the market allowing users to meet the most demanding combustion applications.

The company says the modular approach allows designers to build flexible, scalable and cost effective Burner Management Systems that can address contemporary requirements such as those demanded by low-NOx burner technology and the popularity of biogas, off-gas, syngas and other exotic fuels.

The CMS allows up to 10 output channels to be configured to control a variety of control element components such as air and recirculation dampers, fuel valves and variable speed drives.

Oxygen trim and CO Control can be included at the initial design stage or added later; LAMTEC’s complete range of flue gas probes and analyser are all compatible with the CMS and are easily integrated using LAMTEC’s dedicated LSB system bus. Oxygen trim and CO Control significantly increases efficiency and system safety. CO Control offers the latest technology in optimisation by dynamically finding the stoichiometric curve throughout the firing range and adjusting the combustion fuel/air to run as efficiently as possible whilst remaining safe.

Lamtec says for applications that cannot be addressed using standard configurations and parameterisation, the CMS offers the opportunity for experienced/trained customers to freely programme non-safety critical functions using CODESYS soft PLC IEC 61131-3 development software.

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