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True costs of operating a forklift
Published:  29 March, 2018

TCM_Dealer_Director.jpgA national survey of businesses operating forklift trucks suggests that there are wide inconsistencies in the way total cost of ownership (TCO) is understood and calculated. It suggests that some fleet managers may be wide of the mark when the true life-time cost finally emerges. It points at potential weaknesses in cost modelling which need to be more detailed and precise.

According to research commissioned by TCM FORKLIFTS, it was found that some managers were focusing on core operating costs such as fuel and maintenance, missing the more ‘hidden’ expenses concerning damage, product damage, downtime and productivity losses/gains.

Graham Jones (pictured), TCM director for dealerships had this to say; “A fairly clear picture emerged from our research that total cost of ownership is an area which companies are finding challenging.”

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