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Thames-side demolition project
Published:  20 March, 2018

Brand_Energy_Tideway_sgb_edit_1.jpgAn unusual demolition project on the banks of the River Thames has reportedly been completed safely and successfully, thanks to a bespoke scaffolding solution provided by SGB. The company says it created a highly unusual scaffolding system, part of which was regularly covered by the river water during the demolition process.

“This was a challenging project due to the location of the building, which was built out into the river, from a site close to Blackfriars Bridge,” explains SGB’s southern design manager, Brendan Fox. “Fortunately, Tideway knew that we have experience of designing this type of structure for other demolition and construction projects on the banks of the Thames. That experience was a key point in allowing us to create a successful scaffolding solution.”

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