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Smart actuator
Published:  05 February, 2018

PUMP_ENG-Smart.jpgTo obtain the precision required of many PLC flow control systems, Badger Meter has launched its next generation Smart Electric Valve Actuator (SEVA). The company says available through PUMP ENGINEERING, the actuator is built with military grade components to withstand extreme conditions while the microprocessor controlled linear stepper motor provides exceptional positional accuracy to give the reliability, accuracy and repeatability needed.

Two models are available with 100ft-lb (135Nm) and 200ft-lb (270Nm) thrust options suitable for 1/4” – 2” Badger Research Control™ valves. The actuators utilise the Industrial Ethernet Protocol (EtherNet/IP) and are certified by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA). SEVA actuators feature a dual-port Industrial Ethernet card and can be set-up via the built-in firmware or via a USB port.

t: 01903 730900.



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