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Infra-red system saves energy
Published:  01 December, 2017

Heraeus_Noblelight.jpgA custom-built, short-wave infra-red system from HERAEUS NOBLELIGHT is reported to be helping to save energy and allow faster production line speeds at the Cramlington manufacturing site of RENOLIT.

RENOLIT is a manufacturer of high quality plastic films and related products for technical applications. The company has recently upgraded an existing embossing machine with a new short-wave infra-red system following experience gained on a similar Heraeus system. The machine’s original ceramic heater system has now been replaced with short-wave, infra-red emitters in six individual cassettes providing heating control zones. This custom-built assembly allows precise targeting of the heating, so that very little energy is wasted. The exact power concentration also ensures that the web is heated to the specified temperature quickly and efficiently, permitting faster line speeds to be achieved.

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