Plant & Works Engineering
Chemical cleaning pumps
Published:  01 June, 2017

Kamco.jpgAt this time of year plant and works engineers are often faced with the need to remove scale and debris from heating and cooling equipment to restore efficiency. KAMCO says it has a range of chemical cleaning pumps designed to clean heat exchangers, boilers, chillers, air compressors and cooling waterways without the need to strip them.

The company says savings of time and labour can be significant and in one case, a typical week out of service to clean a compressor cooler was reduced to four hours using a Kamco Scalebreaker pump and chemicals. SCALEBREAKER pumps have been designed to be easy to use by normal maintenance staff, although Kamco says support and guidance is available with every pump.

Kamco says pumps can handle even the strongest acids or detergents, and are built for a long, maintenance free life. During use chemicals are contained in hoses and tank, keeping operators away from fumes and splashes. Kamco says pumps incorporate a unique flow reversing device which enables the direction of circulation to be instantly reversed, giving quicker and more effective descaling and flushing.

All units are designed for portability having integral 200mm wheels, although even the largest model, the C210 with 125 litre tank, can be lifted and carried by one man.

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