Plant & Works Engineering
The need for stability
Published:  09 May, 2017

With campaigning for the General Election in full swing, mixed messages from across the political spectrum have surfaced on whether this was the correct course of action to take by the Prime Minister.

However leading industry figures have suggested that UK manufacturers will welcome the Prime Minister’s decision to seek a clear mandate.

BSRIA’s Julia Evans, has welcomed the opportunity it presents for Theresa May to lay out her strategy to the electorate. Evans commented that there has been much chaos and mixed-messages surrounding Brexit since June last year, and she hopes that this announcement will bring much-needed clarity and order in the Brexit debate and beyond.

I agree with her comments that before all the detailed talks begin with the EU, and Government sets out its vision and objections for Brexit legislation, such a General Election will demonstrate determination ‘to get the job done’.

Industry needs strong leadership to avoid a disruptive cliff-edge. Whoever forms the next Government needs to build a robust partnership between industry and Government that looks to the future.

EEF’s Terry Scuoler, also highlighted how the Prime Minister’s decision offered the opportunity to seek a clear mandate: “The last year has been one of considerable uncertainty which, if it had gone on unchecked, would have risked hampering future investment.

“We have significant negotiations to undertake with our partners in the rest of Europe and, doing this with a fresh and stable mandate from the country can only provide greater certainty about the future direction of travel for policy, and the potential to seek the best deal possible for the UK.”

It is obvious that the next two years of negotiations will be difficult and whatever your political beliefs and the rights and wrongs of Brexit, the UK now needs more than ever before, some much needed stability and clear effective government. Let us hope this is forthcoming.