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Busbar systems and IEC 61439 standards
Published:  03 March, 2017

Rittal_Low_Voltage_Directive_Guide.jpgRITTAL says busbar systems, or busbar supports are essentially heavy conductors, typically made of copper, which carry and distribute powerful electric currents to components that consume electrical power throughout an assembly. The company says busbars are not only easy to install (certainly compared to cabling), but they also play a major role in the design and safe operation of a switchgear and controlgear assembly.

Rittal says the recent introduction of the IEC 61439 switchgear and control standards has significant implications for the design and performance of the copper busbar system and IEC 61439 requires busbar systems to be tested – by their manufacturers - within enclosures rather than (as previously happened) as a standalone arrangement and this is a step forward for the industry.

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