Plant & Works Engineering
Sealant to provide beach hut longevity
Published:  17 November, 2016

winn__coales.jpgRaymond Brown Construction has started to install 119 new concrete beach huts at Milford on Sea. The new beach huts are being constructed from pre-cast reinforced concrete units to form four individual terraces totaling 250m length. Each terraced section of huts is formed from a culvert placed on its side with an open front. The sealant in each culvert section will play an essential role in ensuring longevity.

WINN & COALES widely used Densostrip sealant was recommended to Raymond Brown Construction by Merchant Suppliers, Resapol. Densostrip is a compound rubber and bitumen joint sealing strip for precast concrete units to provide a permanently flexible watertight seal when compressed between joint faces previously primed with Densostrip primer. As well as water and seawater it is resistant to chemical and biological attack. In addition to being an effective seal for precast concrete box culverts, other uses include manholes, inspection chambers, shafts, tunnels and pipe sections.

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