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Published:  28 October, 2016

A_Hart_Door_Systems_Waste_to_Energy_door_installation.jpgHART DOOR SYSTEMS reports it is supplying a wide range of sophisticated industrial doors across two waste to energy sites. At the new Hull Energy Works, which will be capable of processing 250,000 tonnes of waste a year producing enough renewable energy to power 43,000 homes,

Hart will be installing 7 doors and is also supplying 13 doors at the Templeborough Biomass power plant. This plant will recycle 260,000 tonnes of waste timber per year and will generate enough to supply 78,000 homes. Julian Britnell, sales manager, says the Government’s increasing reliance on waste to- energy has created “opportunities for specialist door solutions for dealing with hazardous waste issues, recycling, services to industry and of course issues possibly faced by local residents. So its large and very complex subject which we are very much in tune with.”

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