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Pulseless flow dosing
Published:  12 May, 2016

Wanner_International.jpgThe unique multi-diaphragm arrangement of Hydra-Cell metering and dosing pumps from WANNER is claimed to remove the need for pulsation dampeners in many circumstances. Hydra-Cell pumps from Wanner have multiple, hydraulically balanced diaphragms in a single head, that operate sequentially, dramatically reducing system pulsation and the damage it causes.

The cost of additional pulsation dampeners, along with ongoing costs of charging and maintenance is avoided in many instances and systems become more reliable. Pulsation is usually observed as noisy vibration in system components or rapid gauge fluctuation, this vibration can be a major problem.

The Hydra-Cell pump range can accommodate measured flow requirements from 1 to 6360 litres per hour at pressures of up to 172 bar with virtually no pulsation.

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