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High-temperature pyrometers
Published:  11 February, 2016

Raytek.jpgFLUKE PROCESS INSTRUMENTS reports it has introduced the Endurance series of high-temperature infrared thermometers. Featuring a stainless steel IP65 housing and galvanically insulated I/Os, these units are said to enable continuous process monitoring of the most demanding industrial applications, including primary and secondary metals manufacturing, carbon processing, and silicon production.

Providing a measurement resolution of 0.1 °C, they can also meet the requirements of the semiconductor industry. The company says two models cover wide measured temperature ranges of +550 °C to +1,800 °C and +1,000 °C to +3,200 °C, respectively and they can be operated in one- or two-colour (ratio pyrometer) mode, an optical resolution of up to 150:1 allows measurements of smaller objects from a distance and the series is designed for comfortable configuration and operation.

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