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The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD)
Published:  16 October, 2015

new_ceaUntitled.jpgThe CEA reports one of the single most important directives for many years in the combustion industry is about to become EU law and will soon be transposed into UK law. Owners or operators of any combustion plant with a thermal input of between 1MW and 50MW will be affected. This means anyone with a boiler generating around 1.5 tonnes of steam or more, or using a CHP or diesel generator of around 500kVA or more, will need to know about this directive. There are estimated to be at least 15,000 such plants in the UK alone.

Details of the directive are currently being finalised in the EU Parliament, but it is expected that all new combustion plants in the 1-50MW range will have to comply with the new rules from 2018. Existing plants have more time to get ready as the rules for them will not apply until somewhat later, depending on MW rating.

A formal process of registering all combustion plants will have to be introduced.

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