Plant & Works Engineering
Hyper duplex steels
Published:  30 July, 2015

sandvik_new.jpgFor a refinery in Germany unscheduled shutdowns were reportedly eliminated following the installation of a new tube bundle in a heat exchanger using hyper-duplex SANDVIK SAF 2707 HD seamless tubes.

As many as 50% of expensive shutdowns in process plants can be attributable to unavoidable repairs due to corrosion damage in tube and pipe or associated equipment. The existing carbon steel tube bundle in a heat exchanger at the German refinery was prone to failure after around five months’ operation and necessitated weekly monitoring. This was creating significant production losses.

Examination of the tubes identified pitting and under deposit corrosion as the main causes for the short heat exchanger tube lifetime. To solve this issue Sandvik SAF 2707 HD tubing, with its excellent pitting and crevice corrosion resistance, was selected to retube the heat exchanger.


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