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Greater reliability
Published:  22 May, 2015

Ovako_SZ-Steel.jpgAs companies push the limits of performance in cold climates and sub-zero environments, demand for strong, safe and well-proven materials is on the rise.

Components like pipeline bolts, hydraulic parts and offshore lifting devices must offer greater reliability at -50°C or lower sub-zero temperatures. SZ-Steel by OVAKO is reported to be proven to retain its properties in temperatures down to -40°C and beyond and, in extreme cases, is well-tested to withstand temperatures down to -101°C. As one of the Ovako attribute brands, the company says SZ-Steel designates a grouping of steel grades across a range of products in its portfolio. SZ-Steel, which stands for sub-zero, is a family of steel grades with low impurity levels and controlled grain size that are specifically developed for use in extreme environments.

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