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New drive package cuts energy costs for steel company
Published:  08 April, 2015

SEW Eurodrive has supplied and commissioned a new drive package for Sheffield based Bedford Steels. It replaces one originally installed in 1951 and is expected to significantly reduce the company's energy consumption, increase production and simplify the maintenance regime. PWE reports.

The new system provides the drive for a set of four rolling stands each containing a set of four rolls. Steel billets at temperatures of up to 1150oC are passed backwards and forwards multiple times through the rolls until the final product size is achieved.

Designed by SEW Eurodrive, the new system consists of a high efficiency X-series, shaft mounted bevel-helical gear unit driven by a 450kW ABB energy efficient motor controlled and an ABB panel mounted Low Harmonic Inverter drive, supplied and installed by Halcyon Drives. The new inverter drive features fully regenerative supply that will make a significant contribution to energy savings and provide much better control than was possible with the old system.

An off-line oil filtration system was fitted on the new gearbox to filter the oil that will remove water and solid particulates down to 0.5 microns and keep it in perfect condition. Full condition monitoring was also installed that features four vibration monitors and one oil monitor. Any alarm conditions are signalled on the PLC's panel as well as alerts being sent to SEW Eurodrive and selected mobile devices.

SEW Eurodrive carried out all the mechanical installation and commissioning as well as overseeing the whole project, while Halcyon Drives supplied and installed the electrical side of the system. Bedford Steels now has a state of the art electromechanical drive system with superior speed control that will deliver significant energy savings over the old system.

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