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Arctic Technology winners
Published:  25 March, 2015

Ovako_for_web_BP3_0571.jpgThe Arctic Technology Conference (ATC) awarded its 2015 Spotlight on Arctic Technology Awards at the Comwell Convention Center (Bella Center) in Copenhagen, Denmark to two companies that it says have made innovative contributions to Arctic exploration and production.

Chuck Richards, chair of the ATC Oversight Committee, presented the awards to Ovako for its SZ-Steel and to Viking Supply Ships for its Bulbous bow ice-breaking design.

Now in its fourth year, ATC brings together Arctic industry leaders and professionals from around the globe.

SZ-Steel (or “sub-zero”), one of five Ovako attribute brands, is a family of steel grades with low impurity levels and controlled grain size that is well proven and tested to hold key properties in sub-zero conditions. The sub-zero steels reduce risks of embrittlement and fracturing. The result is safer and more reliable performances in temperatures beneath -40 °C, and many of the steels are tested to withstand temperatures down to -100 °C and lower.


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