Plant & Works Engineering
Fluid level probes
Published:  20 March, 2015

Sick_LFP_Cubic_and_Inox_.jpgSICK says customer demand to use its LFP fluid probes in difficult applications has led to an expanded range of products, all offering the same highly accurate level detection and measurement in oil-and water-based fluids even in the presence of foam.

SICK says LFP’s guided wave radar technology means its measuring performance is unaffected by the density or conductivity of the fluid, making it consistently accurate even for deposit-forming and foaming liquids. Its cost-effectiveness and versatility have led to it finding new uses in building services and plant engineering because it is universally-adaptable and quick to commission.

Says Darren Pratt, Sick UK’s industrial instrumentation specialist: “Whenever we have shown customers the benefits of the LFP, they have eagerly adopted it and then challenged us with new problems and applications.”

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