Plant & Works Engineering
Radar level sensors
Published:  19 March, 2015

Photo-VEGAPULS-69-011-V01.pngVEGA reports its new high frequency bulk solids radar level sensor reaches yet further into the most challenging process application areas. The company says radar level sensors are a proven a success story for bulk solids level, in some industries they have superseded measuring devices like electromechanical and ultrasonic in many sectors.

Their immunity to pressure, temperature, in-flight dust, good focusing and no loss of echo - even during pneumatic filling, have seen the areas of application extended. Although users are increasingly adopting this microwave technology, it is still recognised that a level sensor which truly covers all applications has not yet been realised. Now, with a higher frequency and performance capability, the new VEGAPULS 69 radar designed for bulk solids comes a big step closer to this ideal.



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